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Top Tips For Holiday Data Safety

Holiday season is well and truly upon us. You’ve put the out-of-office auto-responder on and left the office for some much-needed R&R, but while you are ready to unwind make sure you are not loosening up on your cyber-security while you are away.


Before you leave, do your homework and read these 5 tips to reduce your risk, making sure that when you return the stress doesn't return quite so quickly. 



To some, this may be the whole point of your vacation, but as tech becomes more dependable we don’t want to part with our phones, tablets and even laptops. 

Take the bare minimum with you when you go away. By carrying all your tech with you, your raise the risk of you losing the items, having them stolen, or your information being compromised. 

What’s more, your holiday is meant to recharge your batteries, enjoy the views with your own eyes rather than through a computer screen. 


Stay Current

If you feel you have to take your tech with you, make sure everything is up to date. The current operating systems and most recent updates will ensure that cybersecurity attacks are minimised. Ideally, you should set up automatic updates, or at the very least reminders about new updates. 

Local WiFi is not always secure, so double-check that everything is working as you need it to and that all major updates are done before you leave. 

To be extra secure and reduce possible points of attack, uninstall programs you no longer use or is outdated. You can also shut down accounts you no longer use as well. Reputable anti-malware software should always be installed and kept up to date (and if it is not this is a perfect opportunity to do this.)


Keep them out

This should not be just for your holidays but really any time you venture out of the house. Ensure that you have set up at least a strong passcode or PIN code, if not one of the biometric defence options like fingerprint or face recognition as the first line of security. Also, enable the auto-lock option after a short period of idleness. 

As another line of defence, full-disk encryption can lessen the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Some devices come with built-in encryption software, or there are third-party options available. 

Anti-theft technology on your device is also another great feature, with many now having tracking capabilities or the option to wipe data should you lose the device. 


Back it up!

While losing your device is an inconvenience, the data stored on the device is what is really going to cause the heartache. This makes it all the more important to back up the information stored on the device. 

By backing up your information to an encrypted and secure location, not only will you come out unscathed if you were to lose your device. This will also protect you from malware infestations, and device malfunctions. 


Sharing is not always Caring

While your friends and family may enjoy flicking through your holiday snaps while you are away, or hitting the like button on that status about your travels…. think twice about everything you are putting out there. 

This tip won’t necessarily save your tech that you have taken away with you but limiting the information you are sharing on social media can protect your home and those devices and data you have left behind from a physical intrusion. 


These basic tips should help to prevent any misery or added heartache upon your return. Xenace offer a variety of solutions for your business that can reduce the trauma of data loss and cyber attacks, Contact Us to discuss how we can help you whether you are in the office or away on holiday. 







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