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We understand that a successful business is an ever-evolving entity that requires constant management, attention and modifications, in order to keep the business moving forward. Any thriving business has many moving parts, one of the most important being a reliable and effective IT support system. Whether you have a business with a smaller team of 10 or more, or a larger enterprise with multiple teams, having a quality IT support network is vital to the ongoing success of your business. 

Our friendly, highly trained Xenace team offers complete remote IT support, giving you peace of mind that any potential issue will be addressed and rectified as soon as possible.

  • Rapid Response

    Our expert and friendly team are available 24/7, and will act immediately to tackle and resolve any potential issues.

  • Increase Efficiency

    By outsourcing your IT Support requirements to Xenace you are guaranteed a fully supported IT network across your business. This allows your team to work efficiently at all times.

  • Support of Business Growth

    We understand that your business will inevitably need to expand alongside its IT support structure. That’s why we offer managed solutions which allow you to scale easily as and when required so the needs of both develop together.


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Xenace IT Support Services Include

  • Network Monitoring

    Keeping your entire workforce connected through all software and applications, providing complete network support and solutions to drive your team forward.

  • Service Desk

    Our friendly team is available at any time to respond to any frontline issues that may arise and can access desktops remotely to troubleshoot and resolve potential problems.

  • Infrastructure Management

    Supporting your business goals, our IT infrastructure management service (IMS) offers both stability and ongoing high performance across your entire business.

  • Endpoint Management

    Allowing our expert team to manage your business IT resources and applications on any of your devices, from our own consoles, offering comprehensive security and awareness.

  • Application Support

    Providing expert technical support across all of your business applications and software, as well as strategising on additional software to support your business requirements.

  • Staff Training

    Informing and training your staff on all business applications and software, with remote training available for any new software additions or digital infrastructure changes.

How It Works


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