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Security Steps to Take when Hiring a New Employee

As the world becomes more and more digital, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that employees are who they say they are. When you hire new staff, do you know for sure that their qualifications are genuine? Do you know if their background checks out? 

What is Open Source Intelligence and Why is it Important?

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a type of intelligence that is collected from publicly available sources. It can include information from the internet, newspapers, radio, and television. OSINT is important because it can be used to identify potential threats to national security. 

For example, if an organisation is looking for information about a particular company, they can use OSINT to find out whether that company has any links to terrorism or criminal activity. OSINT can also be used to identify potential employees who may pose a security threat. 

How Open Source Intelligence can be used to Improve Security Measures

Only 35% of employers perform background checks on their employees, however some companies, such as Enterprise make it a policy. When hiring new employees, it is important to ensure that their qualifications are genuine and that their background checks out. To accomplish this, employers can use open source intelligence to uncover information about potential employees that cannot be found anywhere else.

OSINT can be used to determine whether a candidate’s qualifications are legitimate. For example, an organisation may use open source intelligence to find out if a particular company has any ties to criminal activity or terrorism.  If the candidate has worked for this kind of company, it may be an indication that their qualifications are not genuine. 

OSINT can be used to find information about previous employment or educational history. If this information seems inconsistent, it may indicate that their background check is not true.  OSINT can also be used to uncover information about a candidate’s character. An organization may find out that the candidate has previously committed crimes or participated in criminal activity. This can indicate that they are not suitable for employment with your company.  

How to Conduct Background Checks on New Employees

When conducting a background check on a potential employee, it is important to verify their identity and make sure there is no information available that could disqualify them from the position they are seeking. There are several ways to conduct a background check, including:

  • Checking the potential employee’s name against public records
  • Running a criminal history check
  • Contacting the potential employee’s previous employers
  • Checking social media profiles
  • Checking for any available information about the candidate

With so many people being hired who have criminal histories or are not qualified for employment with your company, it is important that you start thinking about how to to ensure that your new hires are safe and secure. OSINT can be used to uncover information about a candidate’s qualifications as well as previous work experience; if this information seems inconsistent then it may indicate that they’re lying on their resume. It’s worth considering using OSINT during interviews to find out more about candidates’ backgrounds before hiring them because bad hires lead businesses astray. Xenace can provide you with OSNIT solutions to ensure the best for your business, contact us to find out more today.