Freeing up space and time for your business and employees

On a daily basis your business may receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails. By employing an effective and efficient email archiving system, you can save the time should a vital email be needed quickly.

Xenace’s skilled team will provide your business with a comprehensive email archiving system, which has been designed to preserve your email communications across your entire organisation. All email either sent or received by any of your employees will be digitally stored in a format that makes it quick and simple to index, search, or retrieve when required.

Our email archiving solutions are ideal for business continuity, disaster recovery, records management, internal audits or investigations, regulatory compliance, E-discovery for litigation purposes, and intellectual property documentation and protection.

  • Efficient Storage

    When email is stored in regular servers, it can greatly reduce the server performance as it fills up, leaving the only other option to delete them which can be a bad idea when data can be lost forever. Email archiving allows data to be relocated to a secure off-site server or cloud environment

  • Digitally Archived for Easy Retrieval

    Email archiving can speed up the process of restoring data; restoring non-archived email becomes faster and easier because the mail server’s data load is less. Email archiving allows you to relocate your data and make sure it remains safe from deletion, even if the server runs slow or has trouble with heavy traffic due to many users accessing files at once.

  • Increased Productivity

    When servers are full and near capacity, it can make searching for a specific email or specific subject long tiresome. When emails are being saved through archiving, it can make searching old correspondences or setting up folders less tedious. Archived data is stored in the background without taking up extra employee time.

To discover more about our email archiving solutions simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.