Dedicated, scaleable connection for your business

Driving your business forward relies on many factors, and one of the most important of these is maintaining a reliable internet connection for your entire organisation. By utilising a leased line you guarantee an exclusive fibre connection that will always provide the same level of speed and reliability, even at peak times.

Our leased line service guarantees a dedicated bandwidth for your business, which is scalable and can be increased as and when your business needs dictate. Xenace’s friendly and experienced team are always on hand for support should you require it, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your workplace’s internet connection is always fully operational, quick, and reliable.

  • Guaranteed Reliability and Speed

    Xenace provides a service that contains dedicated bandwidth for your business, so you are ensured of uninterrupted connectivity. Services offered can be increased as needed and maintenance is available should it be necessary.

  • Customised to your Specific Needs

    We can provide you with a custom solution to your requirements; with our experienced team of experts ready 24/7 that will be able take care all necessary technical support so staying connected is easier than ever before.

To discuss our leased lines for business solutions in more detail simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.