Equipping your business with the tools to shield attacks

Of all the many tactics hackers may employ to breach your security defenses, phishing attacks are one of the most common. It doesn’t require a large outlay of funds and is relatively simple for a criminal to cast a wide phishing attack through emails or other channels, and it only takes one employee to fall foul of the attack for it to be successful. Through this breach, a company can find its entire digital network compromised. Arm your workforce with the knowledge it needs to spot and report any suspicious activity.

Xenace’s tailored phishing awareness training will give your employees the tools they need to be completely aware of the risks of these types of attacks, how to spot suspicious emails and activity, and how to react to these threats. With phishing attacks becoming ever more sophisticated, (by using information about a specific person gathered from other sources), it is becoming harder for busy employees to recognise a phishing attack when it occurs. Emails can seem perfectly legitimate, bearing brand logos or trademarks from established brands, or even appearing to come from a colleague.

Protect your business and your employees with Xenace’s phishing awareness training, ensuring all staff members are ready to combat this ever-growing threat.

Our Phishing Awareness Solution

  • Protect your Company from Being Targeted

    With the rise in security threats, phishing has become a popular method for hackers to steal user data. This type of social engineering attack often targets users and can occur when they’re tricked into opening an email or clicking on hidden malware within websites by someone posing as another trusted entity such as their boss.

  • Increasing the Security of your Company

    Phishing attacks can hit an organisation of any size or type. You may get caught up in a mass campaign, or it could be the early stages of a targeted attack against your company, where there could be a specific aim such as theft of sensitive data.

  • Protecting your Business from Costly Security Breaches

    With the ever-changing landscape of email attacks, it is more important than ever for employees to have a thorough understanding and defence plan against these cyberattacks. Our training will equip your staff with everything they need – from recognising warning signs to knowing what to do if an attack is underway.

To learn more about our phishing awareness training services simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.