Providing insight into threats that traditional security tools cannot detect

The dark web contains a huge amount of sites that are only accessible by using a specialised browser, and is largely ungoverned by authority, making it the ideal place for cyber-criminals to share, or sell, illegally obtained company information or sensitive data. With the dark web consisting of an estimated 95% of all websites, with the usual internet, or ‘clear web’, making up the other 5%, the task of monitoring the dark web for specific information relating to your business takes a highly specialised and experienced team.

Xenace boasts an expert team that has the ability and know-how to search this online wilderness for any trace or mention of your business and will identify any illegal uses of your intellectual data. Should any illegal activity be detected, our team will investigate your network to identify whether a security breach has taken place, and introduce security measures to ensure the gap in your system is secure.

By actively monitoring the dark web on your behalf we can address and nullify any information breach quickly and effectively.

  • Protect your Sensitive Data from being Stolen and Sold on the Dark Web

    Any information stored online is at risk of being breached or stolen by the dark web. This information includes but is not limited to, credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses and bank details.

  • Benefit from Expertise of an Experienced Dark Web Monitoring Team

    Dark web monitoring is an important tool for organisations committed to protecting their business and their customer’s information. Traditional security tools cannot detect all the threats on the dark web, meaning your company’s sensitive data may be at risk.

  • Prevent your Company from Becoming the Next Victim of Cybercrime on the Dark Web

    By staying vigilant and taking precautions against online threats, you can keep your business safe and protected. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and their effects can last a lifetime; Xenace can ensure you and your company avoid becoming a victim.

To discuss our dark web monitoring services in more detail simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.