If your mail servers were to go down, business can remain as usual

Ensuring your business is fully operational at all times is a must, as any downtime is both frustrating and costly. Our expert email continuity service offers a failsafe offline solution, so if the worst happens you can carry on with business as usual.

There are many reasons why your email system may go down, from a loss of power, system crashes, or other potential damages. No matter the precautions your business has in place, there is always a chance of unexpected occurrences, which unless you are prepared for could leave your company in limbo until the issue is fixed.

Xenace will provide your entire organisation with a fail-safe backup solution that will automatically take over whenever your regular email system goes down. Any emails or messages lost whilst your mail server is offline will be saved, and restored when your mail server comes back online, allowing you to continue unhindered in your work.

Protect your business and ensure your workforce can maintain maximum productivity with Xenace’s extensive and thorough email continuity solutions.

  • Protection Against Failure of Email Servers

    The failure of email servers can amount to high losses for a company: Xenace’s email continuity service ensures that if servers go down, business can remain as usual. Email systems will automatically update with any new information or messages.

  • Guaranteed Server Avaliability

    The failure of a mail server can amount to numerous operational interferences, missed deadlines, late customer orders or unanswered support requests can lead to financial loss and damage to the company’s reputation. Xenace’s fail-safe continuity solution will ensure that your work remains unhindered.

  • Keep Essential Communication Flowing at All Times

    Maintain maximum productivity with Xenace’s email continuity solutions to protect your business and ensure the safety of your workforce.

To find out more about our email continuity solutions simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.