Protected and secure devices for your businesses work purposes

Xenace’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions will assist your business in the sourcing, provisioning, securing, and managing all company mobile and tablet devices to ensure any device that has access to sensitive company data is always secure and being used as intended.

With the evolution of hybrid working, businesses are more and more reliant on their workforce using mobile devices to access company data, files or software, ensuring those devices are secure is of paramount importance. The Xenace team has many years of experience in managing and protecting all mobile devices against data loss or unauthorised access.

Our MDM solution will allow your employees to continue working efficiently when using their approved mobile devices for work purposes. The Xenace MDM solution will provide a combined console that will manage all of the varied mobile device types used in your business, allowing our team to oversee any apps that have been installed, remove them if necessary, configure basic settings, and generally manage the device.

The key benefits of using our MDM solutions include:

  • Secure Mobile Devices & Data

    Safeguard mobile devices and sensitive information with remotely distributed security settings; and use remote lock and wipe to protect the devices in case they get lost during your business travels or stolen.

  • Manage Settings Remotely

    You can manage and deploy device configurations, like WiFi configuration and mail server settings, as well as passcode and data roaming policies with centrally manageable configuration profiles. This gives you the ability, as the employer, to make sure that all mobile settings are as you would like them for each and every device.

  • Effectively Manage your Devices

    Secure mobile devices from loss or data breaches with remote wipe, password recovery and tracking. We will efficiently work with you to ensure you have the correct infrastructure in place and can easily integrate our MDM solution with your current setup. Our team of experts are available to consult, advise and train you on how to efficiently manage your mobile devices efficiently by using our solution.

Xenace’s bespoke MDM solutions will give you the peace of mind that all company authorised mobile devices being used for work purposes are securely managed by our experienced and skilled team.

To learn more about our mobile device management solutions simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.