Secure, remote access to your network, from any device

In this day and age hybrid working has become the norm. Ensuring your team can continue to work efficiently and securely, wherever they may be, can pose a problem. Xenace’s cloud desktop solutions are designed to allow permitted users remote access to all of your software, apps, and files. This means you can guarantee your staff can continue working at any location, on any approved device.

Our cloud desktop solutions are also ideal for backing up and storing all-important business data on a secure system.

Why choose Xenace Cloud Desktop Solutions?

  • A Complete Desktop Experience

    Xenace’s cloud desktop solutions offer the exact same user experience as sitting at your desk, but with the added benefits of high security and up-to-date software.

  • Control Costs

    With no additional capital equipment costs, plus no additional space required for servers to store your critical data, cloud desktops will help control overall business costs.

  • Secure & Compliant

    Our cloud desktop solutions are fully encrypted and come with guaranteed data privacy and security as standard. All business data is stored in our UK data centre, not your local devices.

To discover more about our cloud desktops solutions simply contact our friendly team today and begin your Xenace journey.