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Secure Email Continuity

Prevent Downtime and the Risk of Data Loss

Shield Your Business with Helpful Email Continuity

Email data is vital to most businesses, yet it is estimated that organisations face a 72% risk of unforeseen email outage within the next year.

Even if just for a short duration, outages can cause countless problems for both individual email users and the business practices that rely on email.

Failed email systems can cost companies in many ways, from missing potential business opportunities and lower employee productivity to additional investment in IT to resolve the issues. It can even cause damage to your business reputation.

Protect Against Downtime and the Risk of Data Loss

Whether you’ve planned email outage whilst carrying out maintenance, or you suffer from an unplanned server crash, Xenace's email continuity service will give you the tools to log in, send, receive and forward emails until your server is online again. Xenace will also save copies of all email activity that occurs while your primary server is unavailable.

What We Can Offer


Key Features

  • Automatic spam and virus removal.
  • Rapid retrieval of potentially lost or accidentally removed emails.
  • It will work with almost any email server software. Whether your company uses Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, or a basic webmail client.
  • Rapid activation; can be setup in minutes.
  • Administrative tools that give you total control over your business's email continuity service.
  • Xenace continuity is part of a fully integrated solution to your email security needs.

Securing Email Availability

Every Email Stored and Available.

Your email will pass through our highly available network before arriving at your system. Every email is captured and spooled, and available to you at any time and day from absolutely any location. At any point that your email server is offline, you can simply login to Xenace to continue working without any unwanted interruptions.

Auto-Redeliver When Your Server Becomes Available.

Xenace will automatically attempt to redeliver when your system becomes responsive. Both incoming and outgoing emails can be redelivered from the mail spool back to the mailboxes on your very own system.

Secure, Redundant, Reliable.

Xenace guaranteed uptime is 99.999% (with less than 27 whole seconds of SLA downtime per calendar month). Your data is protected, accessible via secure Web interfaces, and backed-up regularly.

Rapid Deployment, No Interaction Needed.

There is no hardware or software to deploy. In most cases, only a handful domain configurations are generally required in order to start using the service.


How it Works

  • Emails are delivered through our fully redundant network.
  • Emails are spam and virus checked before being spooled.
  • Messages are entered into the spool, which can be stored for up to 90 days.
  • Emails are then passed on to your mail server.
  • If your email system is down for any reason, any queued messages will be automatically redelivered when the system comes back online.
  • Outbound messages may very well also be spooled.
  • The mail spool itself can be easily accessed through a secure web interface.

Key Benefits

  • Extreme redundancy means no more horrible bounced email messages.
  • Finds a way around downtime during planned mail-server maintenance.
  • Achieves geographically diverse email backups.
  • It can be set up in less than a day with no user involvement.
  • Gains additional efficiency through spam and virus checking.

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