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Why cloud email archiving is the smart tech your business really needs

Email is quickly becoming one of (if not the) most valuable asset a business owns. It is also growing at an exponential rate. Email is a key tool that holds business critical information, which needs to be accessible at all times. An outage can cause serious difficulties that can have severe consequences, particularly for SMEs.

Email archiving is the process of storing and protecting data held in email messages and attachments so that it can be made available for search and retrieval. A business's reasons for archiving can range from storage management and regulatory compliance to discovery and litigation and the necessity for archive access. The old way of archiving emails involved using on premise hardware and software to capture email from the existing store. There are several issues with this, the main one being the sheer size of modern business email archives. The Enterprise Strategy Group recently estimated that an average business’s email archive has increased 1500%. Another major issue is that this huge amount of data is kept onsite, putting it at more risk and ensuring usage rates climb even higher.

Effective storage management is a challenge for any business, but cloud technology has created a far better option for organisations looking to keep their email data truly safe. Working with a managed IT services provider can help make the process of email archiving even simpler, as they will be able to offer the right solutions for your unique business. 

Here are four challenges that can be solved by archiving emails in the cloud... 

1.    Unexpected disasters

Sometimes disaster strikes, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Email now contains an abundance of critical information. The loss of this data could be devastating for an SME. Without an intelligent archiving solution, emails are vulnerable to human errors and unforeseen events.

Email data is only protected in an unexpected disaster scenario if it is moved offsite, and that's exactly why archiving in the cloud is the solution. It's currently the safest, most secure method of protecting the corporate knowledge kept in emails.

2.    Lengthy searches

When you archive emails in the traditional way (on-site, using hardware and software) a discovery request is typically sent to an IT department for them to search and retrieve, but this can immediately cause management concerns. Without an efficient archiving solution this is a time and resource intensive task which, without intelligent search facilities, could be vulnerable to error.

The solution? When emails are stored in hosted archives, searches can be completed easily and quickly. Search and retrieval is a key part of an efficient email archiving solution, but it’s not just about being fast. Logical searching (by title, subject, or keyword) is an intelligent and highly effective way to complete these search tasks, and one that is made easy with cloud email archiving.

3.    Limited access

When you are trying to meet a deadline and some key information is stuck in an email archive which you are unable to access, it can be very frustrating. Many businesses have safety policies in place that can cause this exact problem to crop up frequently. From only saving emails for 30 days before they are deleted, to limiting email access to onsite employees during office hours, this restricted access can cause time and resources to be lost and ultimately could affect a business's bottom line.

The solution is a cloud email archiving system which gives you total visibility and access anytime, anywhere. With emails stored in the cloud, employees can access data via the web browser and employees can have total access in the palm of their hand, without using any load or storage.

4.    Mailbox quota restrictions

For employees, restrictions on mailbox quotas can be a headache. It means they must decide what data to archive and what to delete. Most will err on the side of caution and keep everything, but when they reach their quota you can expect that complaints to the IT desk won’t be far away.

The solution, of course, is unlimited storage. And this is what cloud email storage gives you. An email archiving solution that is completely scalable benefits the entire organisation. Employees will get uninterrupted email use, and IT staff will have less pressure on their shoulders too. Unlimited storage will improve business productivity and keep storage management simple.  

At Xenace we partner with only the very best providers who make sure your email data is kept safe and is ready for retrieval whenever necessary. There is no need to install software or hardware at your business premises. In fact, setup can be as simple as an easy domain configuration and a user upload into our system. Your sent and received emails and their attachments are securely stored in our SSAE-16 certified data centres.

Talk to us now about your current email archiving solution and how we can help.  

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