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What is your IT provider's average response time?

Response time is one of the most important factors to consider when measuring the efficiency of your IT provider. This is a good measure of the value of the service you are being offered; your provider may be very loyal, skilled and cost-effective, but if they take too long to respond to a problem then what are you really paying for?

Any time that your company spends waiting for your provider to fix an issue is time wasted, which means your business is less productive, you may lose sales, and it also means your clients have to be kept waiting as well, to whom your response time is just as important as your IT provider's. 

Why could your response time be too long?

  • If you have one assigned person as a member of staff who doubles up as an IT engineer, this creates a very irregular and unpredictable average response time. It would mean the safe running of your business depends on the availability of your colleague, if they have BAU tasks to be getting on with, as well as meetings etc, this makes them less productive than someone entirely dedicated to fix a problem as soon as it arises. Multi-roling and 'casual support' is a common IT solution for SMEs, we wrote a post about the benefits of outsourcing talking about these sorts of problems and how they affect your business.
  • Can your provider work remotely? A lot of problems can be fixed remotely, if your provider is able to do so it can save a lot of time that would be spent travelling to the branch.
  • Commitment to response time: Does your provider state openly what they predict their response time to be? If they do this you can hold them to account and understand what they deem to be an acceptable level of service. 
  • Other than these, the only other excuse is bad service. It is not acceptable for an IT provider to be slacking on their response time. 

What we promise at Xenace:

  • As an outsourced company, we have a team of fully dedicated staff who will be there solely to monitor your systems and fix any problems as soon as they arise. Our IT support package includes 24/7 system monitoring so we will be aware of any problem, possibly even before you are, and fix it before it has had a chance to impact your business. 
  • We have the ability to work remotely and find that most issues can be resolved this way. Of course, we are happy to visit you on site if necessary, but our remote service means our response time can be even faster. 
  • We are very committed to our response time at Xenace, so much so that we promise we will respond to your problem within two hours, this is 50% faster than the average response time of four hours, and if we don't respond within that time we offer a monetary incentive to you

If your provider's response times are lacking and you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer, please get in touch! We would love to find out more about your business and show you how we could be of help. 

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