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What is the Future of Cloud Desktops?

Cloud computing is certainly becoming one of the fastest growing industries, in 2015 the market grew by approximately 13.7 percent and has no signs of stopping. There are also many large companies, such as Amazon and IBM relying heavily on the cloud. One small part of cloud computing comes in the form of cloud desktops. Also known as hosted desktops, this way of working is not only modern but it's future proof. In this article we're going to be looking at what is a desktop cloud, what the benefits are to businesses, why you might be missing out of you don't have one and what future they have. 

What is a cloud desktop?

Put simply, a cloud desktop is a computer desktop that is hosted 'in the cloud'. Instead of you having a physical desktop with a computer tower that has many files and programs on it, your desktop is saved in a data centre that can be accessed through an internet connection; so you can work from anywhere in the world. Technically, you are still working on a physical computer within the data centre, but you may not be the only person using it. If they are using a dedicated server, it's all yours, but most cloud desktops use a virtual private server where you can have around 3-5 people using the exact same machine. It sounds chaotic, but it's actually a very cost effective and gives you as the user more freedom.


Image credit: William Hook via Flickr

What are the benefits to business?

As I already touched on, having your desktop in the cloud means that you can access your 'computer' anywhere in the world at any time of day as long as you have an internet connection. This is great for business owners who are busy on the road or going from client to client. It's also of benefit to businesses as using a VPS (virtual private server) means that you're protected from downtime. How? Your data will be saved in 2 or more places, if one server goes down the other will take its place so you can carry on working. It also means that it's easier to access, so if you need something from an employee they could potentially log in to the server from home to get you any files you need (rather than physically going through the computer), that's if you don't have an open network where you have access to everyone's files. It's also great if you want to scale your business, as it can easily scale with you without any hassle. Private cloud adoption rates are currently at 77% for 2016, which is an increase of 14% from 2015 and a figure not to be sniffed at.

cloudy day

Image credit: Patrick Kuhl via Flickr

Should you have a cloud desktop?

It is of course entirely up to you of course, but it's a good investment for both businesses and freelancers alike. Having the freedom to work when and where you like is extremely helpful and can help to improve productivity. It's also a lot safer than manually storing files, as one false move could leave you with no files at all. If you're a business with many machines, having a cloud desktop is advised as you can connect everyone together into one lovely large network where you can all access programs and files. With the added benefits of little to no downtime, it feels like a no-brainer. Many businesses already do use cloud desktops, but if you're still on the fence then don't worry as it's not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Image credit: Dennis Hill via Flickr

What is the future for cloud desktops?

37% of small to medium businesses are currently integrated into some form of a cloud solution, the other 63% are apprehensive about taking the leap. There are, however, promising signs that cloud computing is the way to go when it comes to future-proofing your business. One massive benefit in the future of cloud-based desktops is that it offers big data at smaller prices. This means that smaller companies can now compete with larger ones, leveling the playing field and making it easier for businesses to grow. The cloud offers a variety of different services, most of which businesses can take full advantage of without spending a small fortune. Cloud desktops specifically will be able to offer amazingly low prices, huge storage capacities for files and data, safer overall security and will help you grow and grow. Invest now and you get to reap the benefits later down the line.

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