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What are the Key Benefits of Managed IT Support?

Business IT support is all around and offered by several IT agencies, but what exactly are the key benefits to having managed IT support for your business? In this blog post we look at the core reasons why an outsourced service could improve your business, without even lifting a finger.

Affordability and Value for Money

The cost of IT services is something that any entrepreneur would think about when owning a medium or small business. IT support may seem out of reach or unnecessary, but you would be extremely surprised how useful a managed service can really be for smaller businesses. Choosing an outsourced service is more than affordable, with it being a fraction of the cost of hiring a single IT professional. You would ordinarily be looking at £30,000 per year on average for an in-house IT expert, whereas you would only be looking at around £500 a month on average for a managed service. And for that £500 (from us) you would get 24/7 system monitoring, superior security and an expert team manning a useful customer helpdesk.

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More Free Time

Having a dedicated team of experts on your side means that they’re taking on all the technical problems you may have, freeing up time so that you can keep running your business. You could be wasting several hours a week of your precious time trying to sort out your business IT, time that could be better spent growing and nurturing your business. We can promise minimal to no downtime with our 24/7 system monitoring. We can see problems before they even reach you, so we ensure to nip them all in the bud ASAP so you can carry on doing what you do best.

Data Protection

As we all know, data protection is extremely important when working within a business. Working with various customers or even offering your very own services means that you accumulate a lot of data which you need to keep protected at all times by law. The Data Protection Act 1998 covers the processing of personal data from people living within the UK. Of course you and your business will always try your hardest to keep data protected, but every now and then you may have something slip through the cracks. Our managed IT support can help you keep all of your data 100% protected, we understand how serious data protection is and we take care of all of our client data.

Image credit: Roo Reynolds via Flickr

System Monitoring

Last but not least we look at the monitoring of your website and assets, something that we offer on a 24/7 basis. We understand how much of a pain downtime can be, which is why we are always monitoring our clients to make sure there is nothing wrong. No matter your business hours, we’re on hand to make sure everything is running as smooth as it should be. We can detect issues before they reach you and we can eliminate problems within a matter of minutes in most cases. Monitoring is a great benefit for your business and a good reason to invest in managed IT support.

Would you like to learn more about what we can offer you and your business? We’re always happy to talk and offer our services to businesses all over the UK. You can get in touch via our contact form, alternatively, you can email us directly at info@xenace.com.

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