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This Week In Tech: CES 2017 Special Edition

This week has seen the start of one of the biggest technology events in the world, CES 2017. To celebrate the start of this iconic event, we're dedicating all of our news to devides and tech released at the event thus far. We'll be covering a TV so thin it could be mistaken for wallpaper, a brand new Android streaming device and why Alexa wants to talk to your car (especially if it's a Ford). Let's start with that TV...

A TV Almost As Thin As A Coin

As if LG hadn't already impressed us with the announcement of their floating speaker, they've announced a brand new OLED TV that's so ultrathin it's easy to miss. The LG W7 OLED TV is magnificent, with an impressively thin display that's only 3.85mm thick (that's only 0.15 inches - almost the same thickness as a pound coin). The TV sizes will be offered at 65 inches and a staggering 77 inches (for those with a bit more cash in the bank). The exact price of the displays have yet to be announced, but it's rumoured that the 65 inch model will cost $10k and the 77 inch will be in excess of $20k. It's also extremely light, the 65 inch model only weighs around 8kg and should be able to fit on any wall with little to no effort - they even give you a flush mounting plate. Needless to say, it's going to be a huge hit with many; but is it worth the price tag?

pound coin

Image credit: Mahender G via Flickr

Yet Another Way To Stream Netflix and YouTube

AirTV is a new streaming device that allows you to stream TV shows and services such as Netflix and YouTube, much like an Apple TV. One unique selling point for the AirTV is that it is 4K-compatible for those who have invested in 4K televisions recently, it also runs on Android (so you are able to access the Google Play Store). The device is meant to be fairly affordable, so is offered up at $129.99 for the box and the adapter, however the price is fairly standard for a streaming device of this kind. The bold design and colour of the device certainly makes it stand out, but many have concerns over the competitiveness of the market. Will they push through and compete, or will they merely drop off the map? We'll have to wait and see.

air TV

Image credit: AirTV

Alexa Will Talk To Your Home From Your Car

Motor company, Ford, are working alongside Amazon to put Alexa into their cars so that you can connect your car to your home. The impressive car-to-home voice control see's Alexa beautifully embedded in Ford’s latest SYNC 3 infotainment system. The system allows you to ask for nearby destinations as well as transfer that data to your in-car navigation system. The system also allows you to ask her the usual things such as "what's the weather like?" and "add eggs to my shopping list", this then syncs with any device you have at home with Alexa enabled. This also means you can ask her to do something to your devides in the home, start as start a film or play music as you pull into your drive. It's quite astounding and could be the future of car technology. 

alexa in ford car

Image credit: TechCrunch

That's all we have for this week's special edition of This Week In Tech, what do you think about the above tech? Is the LG screen too thin? Do we really need another streaming device? Should all cars have Alexa in them? Whatever your opinion, please let us know by leaving a comment below or (if you don't have a DISQUS account) leave us a tweet or catch us on Facebook


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