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The Top 7 Reasons To Have Your Own Domain Name

There are many reasons why businesses should have their own domain name, as well as freelancers and even the everyday Joe. A domain name, and website, may seem like a no brainer to most; but there are still some people who aren’t sure why they should bother. There are many who do not see the benefit in having a personal domain name or indeed a website, they might believe it to be a waste of time. Believe me, it’s not.

In this article we’re looking at the top 7 reasons to have your own domain name, from having more control online to branding and a personalised email. Let’s start with control...

Gain control of what people see when they search for you

This can be split into 2 different parts of the website, the first is the domain name itself. If you want to sell yellow flowers for example, having the domain name yellowflowersforsale.com is going to help you rank better in Google as you’re using a keyword domain. There is much argument over the use of these kind of domains, but they do still naturally perform better than others.

The second part of you gaining control is that because it’s your website, you get to choose what you do and do not show. You can display only what you want to customers/visitors and even hide pages from Google, if you don’t want Google to crawl them.

magnifying glass

Image credit: Simon Hayhurst via Flickr

You can install your own blogging software

Anyone who has a website and domain tends to also have a blog, it’s a great way for businesses or freelancers to give something back to those visiting the website. A blog can show news about you or your company, it can also share relevant news and updates within your specific industry.

A blog is easy enough to set up, if you don’t have the know how then you could kindly ask a professional to do it for a very small fee (it only takes up to 15 minutes to do, without styling). If you create your website on a simple CMS platform such as WordPress, Wix or Joomla you can automatically add in a blog section. It’s well worth having.


Image credit: Jonathan Rolande via Flickr

It’s cheap and easy to obtain/setup

You might be thinking that all this domain business and website creation would be quite costly, but it really isn’t. Most domain names are available for around £8-£10 a year, it can be slightly more for .com domains. The more years you add, the cheaper the domain is; so a .co.uk domain for 2 years costs around £12 (that’s a saving of around £4). You can see which domain names are available to buy using our fantastic domain search.

Once you have your domain name, you can set up a website. If you want to go it alone and set it up yourself, websites such as Wordpress and Wix can be really helpful. They’re specifically designed to help those setting it up by themselves and are very user friendly. However, if you’re a business, we would suggest creating a bespoke website using a local website design team. A bespoke website has the added benefit of being 100% editable (rather than just using themes).

piggy bank

Image credit: Ryan Hyde via Flickr

For personal and/or business branding

Branding is very important for those who use the online world to help them make a living, so it would be foolish to not have your very own domain purely from a branding perspective. A website is an official page for you or your business online that can help you to gain followers or customers. It’s a place all about you and nothing more.

If you’re a business, you absolutely need to have a website (no matter what you sell) because this is the main way that people can find you online. It doesn’t matter if you only sell one product or offer one service, let people know what you’re about on a one page website. We guarantee your customer base will grow as a result.

business branding

Image credit: EdgeThreeSixty TM via Flickr

You can use a dependable CMS platform

As mentioned earlier, you can use a CMS (Content Management System) to control all of the content on your website by yourself without the need of a website developer. Many businesses actually use WordPress for their website, as it makes it easier for them to add/edit product/services pages. It is also helpful for bloggers, giving them uniformity and an easy way to post their content online.

The benefits of using a CMS is not only ease of use, it’s also something that has been tried and tested by billions of people. These platforms work, simple. If you cannot afford to get a bespoke design then a CMS such as Wix or WordPress is the way to go.


Image credit: Pixabay 

You can showcase yourself and/or your work

You can showcase work on a website, once you have your domain name. If you’re a business you can show off the services/products you offer, If you’re a freelancer you can show off previous work done and clients worked with. If you’re an average Joe you can use a personal domain to show off your work history and use it as an online CV.

There’s many ways to show yourself off, but a domain and website is the best way to do it as Google prioritizes websites over social profiles in Google search results. Show off your best side and people will find you, hopefully they’ll also invest in you in some way.

hello world

Image credit: Andrew via Flickr

You have the option to create and disguise your own email

Having your very own domain name comes with the bonus of being able to use domain email addresses. This can give your emails a more professional feel; you’re going to trust person@awesomewebsite.com over awesomewebsite@gmail.com, right? Use this opportunity to create your own emails, you can even share it to friends or family if your website is personal rather than professional.

If you elect to have a private domain name registration, the registrar can provide unique email addresses that constantly change in the WHOIS database (which lists all domain information for all websites). Changing the email address stops you from being contacted by spammers, reducing the amount of spam emails you get in your inbox.

personal email

Image credit: Steve Snodgrass via Flickr

So there we have it, the top 7 reasons to have your own domain name. Do you have your own domain name? We’d love to know how having one helps you and/or your business! Please feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, if you haven’t and would like to get one, please visit our domain name page and have a search for the perfect domain for you. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to get in touch - we don’t bite, we promise!

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