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The importance of managed IT support for SMEs

From my own experience of speaking to SMEs about their IT support, the most common argument against outsourcing is "We’re too small to need anything like that”. No business is too small to have an IT support system in place; the risk is still there for even a business as small as two people. IT support within a business is like a car, you never realise how much you depend upon it until something goes wrong. 


Here are the top 6 reasons why outsourcing your IT is a worthwhile consideration for any SME:

1. Cost:

One of the most attractive advantages of outsourcing your IT support is that it will save you a lot of money. On average, an IT support engineer earns a salary of around £26,000*. This costs your business roughly £2,200 a month per IT employee. A business with 10 employees could save 80% with our current prices in comparison with employing an engineer in-house. Our costs are also dependent on the number of employees you have and what services you prioritise, we fully tailor our services to each business needs meaning you only pay for what you need rather than paying one blanket price irrespective of the level of support suitable. Our managed support package includes a whole team of engineers just a call away, and unlimited on-site visits, as well as 24/7 system monitoring and regular back up checks. Alternatively, we offer an ad hoc service, so you pay per each remote or on-site call with no commitment to a contract. Which one is more cost-effective entirely depends on the needs of your business, we would be happy to have a chat with you about which would be the most appropriate for you.

2. Availability:

Most SMEs will have a friend who is an IT support engineer, or one person within the business that is handy with IT and can help when needed. The first problem with this is that this person will need sick days and holiday leaving the business vulnerable when they are away, whereas an outsourced service will have a whole team at your disposal with someone always ready to help. If there is a person who is the IT person on the side of their daily role, this may hinder productivity for your business. I have also spoken to some of these employees and they have said that outsourcing would be beneficial for them to cover anything they don’t have the time for. They have a daily job to focus on, so if there is an issue when they have a busy day ahead of them, it can be very counterproductive for the business. Moreover, it is impossible for them to maintain the standard of monitoring and back up checks performed by someone whose role is dedicated to this side of the business.

3. Commitment:

Long-term loyalty is great, and it is great to be able to work with your family or friends. However, outsourcing to another business allows you to treat your IT professionally, like any other company you work with. It is important to keep the support you are receiving under surveillance and have regular review meetings with your IT suppliers. Moreover, it gives you the freedom from a personal relationship, to not feel like you can’t shop around and perhaps get a better deal for fear of ruining a friendship.

4. Depth of Knowledge:

As outsourced IT companies work with various companies with a multitude of systems, it means we have to be experts on many different systems. We can keep you up to date with the best and latest tech and let you know what is working in other companies' IT systems, and what could work better for yours.

5. Security:

By using an outsourced company contracted to support your company, in turn, your business will be more secure. With a freelance friend/colleague that you call in when needed your business will suffer from irregular backup checks and updates that are vital to security. At Xenace we have 24-hour system monitoring. If there is a problem, we will know about it immediately and act swiftly and decisively to make sure your systems continue to run smoothly. As well as this we will conduct regular backup checks to make sure all your data is secure. Our security services are something we pride ourselves on; security updates and firmware are patched through whenever they are required to ensure your business is protected well, keeping the data of your clients safe and secure even when using the web and e-mails.

6. Fully managed:

Using one company as your one port of call for any issues you have is relieving to businesses, you will get to know the team and they will get to know you so you will have continuity of experience. At Xenace even branch out to telephony, mobile management, website design and Office 365 packages. This can all slot together to form a tailor-made service that is just right for your business, all found in one place.

To find out more about how we can help your SME, or to get a quote from us to see how much we could save you please get in touch!

*Figure calculated as average of Totaljobs, Glassdoor and Payscale research

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