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The Advantages of Online Learning Platforms in Business

When you are training your employees or learning skills yourself, what is your process? Do you use an online training platform? Or have you ever considered it?

At Xenace we have our own online training platform, Phishwise, which trains your employees to be able to identify a phishing email. As 72% of all data breaches are related to staff receiving fraudulent emails, phishing attacks are a high priority to protect against. The way it works is that we conduct a simulated phishing attack, which will establish how vulnerable your organisation is to phishing threats. From this, we’ll create an independent assessment of business risks, and benchmark your level of security awareness. Then, once the test is complete, your staff will have access to our Phishing Awareness training material to enhance their knowledge and your information security. Here are 3 reasons why you should take a look at the benefits of implemented online platforms to your training processes.

1) Always available

Online training platforms can be a great asset to the training within your business as they can be employed to maintain a thorough initial training, as well as a system to nurture and develop this knowledge due to the fact that it is online and permanently available to be referred back to. After our initial simulated phishing attack, our Optimum and Premium plans include unlimited campaigns for your business to utilise as well as user training material which can be used at any time to make sure that you refresh your employees' memories of what they need to be looking out for.     

2) Track Progress

Moreover, having the training online in one comprehensive space means that you can clearly see where your employees are in the training process so you can see what still needs to be covered. As well as the fact that you will receive data on what an individual is struggling with and therefore what areas need extra focus. Our simulated phishing attack comes as standard with all of our plans and is a great way to check where your company stands before, during and after the training process and to see which employees need further training. A tool like this helps to put the training into practice so that employees can see the benefit of it, and you can see how effectively it is working in a real-life scenario.

3) More productive employees

Most importantly, online training platforms make a business more productive because it means that training is delegated to an online service where you can make sure all the relevant information is covered, this allows the employees that usually train staff to be freed up to focus on other tasks. With our Premium plan, we will fully manage all your campaigns and we will give you live bespoke alerts and customised reporting so all of the training is done for you. All you need to do is monitor the progress for which we will provide comprehensive statistics.

As you can see, training platforms can be very useful for businesses to implement in their processes. We believe that our product is an invaluable addition to any mandatory training in any company, as phishing is such a threat to businesses with attacks at an all-time high, and is the main way that hackers will begin an attack on your company. It has been revealed that 97% of people would not be able to identify a sophisticated phishing e-mail, and these emails are just getting more and more intelligent. 

If you are interested in implementing an online training platform into your business, visit www.phishwise.com or email info@phishwise.com. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to show you how it could be beneficial to your business. 


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