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How to Better Understand Office 365 for Business

As a business, many consider services such as Office 365 for Business, but what exactly is Office 365 Business and Business Premium and what benefits are there for UK businesses? In this article we are going to look at the start of Office 365, what is included in the packages and also the many benefits to using it if you’re a small to medium sized business.

How did Office 365 start?

This was a service created by Microsoft to provide excellent productivity software and relevant services to their subscribers. Office 365 for business comes in various plans; mostly offering email/social networking, Skype for Business, Sharepoint and of course Office Online. You also get access to all Microsoft Office software with a license, with frequent updates and the ability to use it on multiple devices.

Beta testing for Office 365 started in late 2010, but it was launched as a fully finished product in June of 2011 replacing their then business service of choice Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. From then on they focussed on not just the average Joe, but on small to medium businesses; giving them all they needed in one neat package.

microsoft office 365

Image credit: Microsoft Sweden via Flickr

What is included in the Office 365 Business packages?

Mainly the services included in standard Office 365 for Business are OneDrive for Business (giving you additional online storage through the cloud) and Skype for Business. It also offers the basics, such as Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Excel. These are given though your subscription with the help of a licence, as long as you have the licence you are able to use all of these services. However, as much as you get loads of storage, you do not get email services.

Office 365 Business Premium goes one better by combining Business Essentials with Office 365 for Business so you can have both the storage and the email services together. Unsurprisingly, many business tend to choose this service over others as it covers everything you could possibly need as a business.

microsoft office for ipad

Image credit: MIKI Yoshihito via Flickr

What are the benefits of Office 365 for Businesses?

There are of course several benefits to having a service like this for your business, as you’re able to use all Microsoft Office programs with only 1 licence on up to 5 computers (PC or Mac) at a time. These programs can also be downloaded on any devices; on your computers, your tablets or on your phones. You also, as a business user, get early access to new features.

Of those updates, since Office 2016 was released, all apps/programs are updated regularly and you also now get the addition of customised sign-in pages plus improved encryption controls. When you have an active subscription, you can be sure that you have the most up to date versions of those applications. All this at one low price monthly or yearly cost, what’s not to love?

microsoft logo

Image credit: bfishadow via Flickr

What TechRadar Thinks

TechRadar are one of the biggest and best technology reviewers online, here’s what they had to say about Office 365 as a whole:

“Office 365 is a simple and cost-effective way to get a powerful range of cloud Office services plus access to regular new features in desktop Office 2016. Microsoft is doing well in terms of making useful improvements on a regular basis, although some fresh tools are basic and some changes are a step backwards. Smaller companies will appreciate the reliability and the simple interface, but there are powerful options for larger firms too.”

microsoft office 2016

Image credit: Isriya Paireepairit via Flickr


So, with Office 365 for Business you get a huge range of products and services at your fingertips for a monthly or yearly fee, enabling you to use your licence on up to 5 computers at a time. Even better if you go for Office 365 Business Premium, because it allows you to also use their email services (giving you a perfect all-in-one-place package).

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