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Here is Why You Should Always Install Microsoft Updates

Before you reach for that “disable” button on the Microsoft updates, as annoying as they are, make sure you are aware of what you are turning off.

It always seems to pop up when you need to finish that one task that needs to be finished. Cue the computer power up and the dreaded message appears “installing update 1 of 7”. The frustration sets in and you swear you are going to turn off the automatic updates when you finally get onto the computer.

While it may seem like a major inconvenience, the updates are an important part of keeping your computer working at optimal conditions. Here is why?


Patch Tuesday

The Americans celebrate Taco Tuesday each week (a celebration we believe the UK should adopt), there is not much to celebrate on a Tuesday in the UK. I bet you weren’t aware of Patch Tuesday’s however, and in some ways, these Tuesdays should be celebrated. The 2nd Tuesday of each month (and sometimes the 4th Tuesday) is when Microsoft release their security patches.

In April alone, Patch Tuesday fixed 66 security issues which helped to keep your computer and information safe (if you haven’t already turned them off. While turning them off won’t stop you using your computer, it will make you vulnerable to security issues.


Staying Secure

You may be thinking that no hacker would find much worth or interest in what is stored on your computer. While the documents you store may not make much sense to anyone outside of your business, the emails you send, the personal details you enter into online banking in your lunch break and the emails you send can be.

Hackers can utilise this information to steal your identity. By exploiting the security holes in your computer, hackers can install software called keyloggers. These will take screenshots of your computer and can capture what you are typing into your keyboard, gaining sensitive information like passwords. This can lead to malware being sent to all your email contacts or your banking accounts being compromised. The Microsoft updates ensure that any security issues are fixed.


Customise around you

As you should be aware now, these updates are vital to keeping your information safe. Windows will automatically check for updates every 17-22 hours, lightening the volume of computers checking Microsoft servers for updates. While it seems like Murphy’s law that these updates happen when you need the computer most, there is a solution to this.

Window 10 users are able to set active hours. This means that your computer will not check for updates during this time and potentially try and shut down. You can set up to an 18-hour window to avoid these headaches and keeping your computer secure.

At Xenace, we offer automatic updates with our Cloud Solutions so that all our customers are protected and your computers remain secure. For more information on how we can help you, please get in contact with us

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