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Does Blade Runner suggest that we should be afraid of technology?

As Blade Runner 2049 concludes its second week in the box office, a lot of discussion has arisen regarding how technology can be both a benefit and a consequence to our everyday lives. After watching either of the films in the Blade Runner franchise, we may feel that the development of new technology is something to be feared.

This concern is already heightened in our current age with machines becoming even more intelligent and precise than humans, even physically replicating them in the form of robots. In the narrative of Blade Runner, this fast-paced development of technology leads to a world overruled by an inhuman and emotionless race called ‘replicants’ both created by and surrendering to machines… Luckily in the real world we are not quite there yet, but the franchise raises some important warning signs that it is really a good idea for us to be proactive in engaging ourselves with technology so it does not become something to fear.

When the original Blade Runner was released in 1982, the vision Ridley Scott had of 2019 seemed very futuristic and unimaginable. However, when we watch th film today only two years away from its setting, it is more of a wakeup call.  Much of the technology Scott predicted has become reality; ‘video phones’ are permanently glued to our side and voice activated assistants like Siri and Cortana are an everyday part of our lives. While these are exciting and helpful developments, Scott suggests that we are becoming reliant on this highly intelligent technology to assist us day to day. Perhaps these developments are not as liberating and successful as some may see them, instead they could be threatening and negative if we don’t understand them and work alongside them.

By presenting the future of technology in this way, Blade Runner can make us feel that the computerised world and all its developments are something we should be afraid of, and certainly something that could be hard to keep up with. An example in the modern day would be the sudden spike in astonishingly clever phishing e-mail attacks. This very innovative type of cyber-attack may make businesses feel that there is nothing they can do to protect themselves as many can be undetectable to an untrained eye, however when you have a good security system in place and good training for your employees on what signs to look out for, the risk of danger is greatly reduced.

Educating yourself and your colleagues on IT is therefore imperative to keep up with the modern world and protect your business. To be clear, we are not saying that failure to do so will turn you into a 'replicant', however it may breed a fear of technology that really is not necessary or productive. This fear is something that is very common and a major cause of frustration in business. To this there is a simple solution: ask for help! That way you can handle everything you are expert in, and the IT people who commit themselves to being experts in technology, can ensure the fast paced and complicated developments are not something that will hinder your business.

Xenace can arrange an informal chat about any fears or concerns you have about developing technology at any time that suits you. Please get in touch with us and we can arrange to help assess your current use of IT, and give you advice on how to keep up in this fast paced environment.

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