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9 Things Computer Experts Are Sick to Death of Hearing

Computer experts get quite a rough lot in life sometimes, everyone is looking to them to fix any and all issues with their computer no matter how big or small. Naturally some phrases come up more than others, so below we have listed 9 of the more common things said that these IT professionals are 100% fed up of hearing.

1)“Do you think rebooting it will help?”

This tends to happen when you’ve specifically asked someone not to reboot their computer. Of course sometimes a restart is a good thing, but don’t reboot the computer at the exact same time you’re saying the above sentence… you will not make friends.

2)“It’s stopped working since you downloaded that thing.”

As a professional you rely on trust, you trust that the person you’re trying to help trusts that you’re a professional in your field. This can fall on deaf ears if your fix somehow changes or something else goes wrong. It’s instantly your fault, didn’t you know?

Image credit: Kenny Louie via Flickr

3)“I accidently didn’t save that file, can you get it back?”

You could understand if you had accidently deleted a file, those can be recovered in some cases. However, when you have not even saved the file there is literally nothing to recover. IT professionals are not also magicians; they do not pull files from hats.

4)“Why isn’t the internet working? It was working fine all morning.”

The internet is a glorious beast; it provides us with a vital resource that can be taken away at any given moment for seemingly no reason. You’ll usually hear this one when a single website won’t load or if the service itself is down, something that unfortunately just happens.

5)“You’re the expert, just fix it.”

Being an expert in something does not instantly make you a human encyclopaedia for that subject. We’re all always learning, all of us. Expect the expert every now and then to be stumped by the problem you seem to be having and be patient rather than tut loudly.

Image credit: Kyle Hale via Flickr

6)“Antivirus? I uninstalled that, it wasn’t helping.”

There is never a good enough reason to uninstall a program that is specifically designed to stop your computer from getting a virus. If the computer is running slow then ask about it, don’t uninstall any programs without discussing it first. It’s like taking off your armour before going to war.

7)“I didn’t think it would take that long…”

Many people get frustrated with IT professionals as they are notorious for not being able to give you specific time frames. As annoying as it may be, it’s almost impossible to guess how long anything electronic will take because it’s so complex. How long is a piece of string?

8)“I didn’t do anything, it just happened.”

99% of the time there is a reason the computer stopped working, and 85% of the time that reason is very specifically you. You may not have done something that exact moment it all went wrong, but that dodgy link you clicked on earlier or perhaps that dodgy download won’t have helped.

Image credit: Song Zhen via Flickr

9)“I think my computer has been hacked.”

Unless you work in a well-established business with lots of money and plenty of contacts/bank details, the chances are that your computer hasn’t been hacked. It’s a very serious crime that people will only dabble in if the payoff is worth it. Hackers aren’t interested in your spreadsheet about the Christmas meal.

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