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9 reasons you need to get Office 365 right now

Since its initial release in 2011, Office 365 has been bringing Microsoft’s existing online services into an always-up-to-date cloud service. With over 100 million corporate users, it’s obvious that businesses are seeing the benefits of using it to up their workplace productivity.

In April 2017, Microsoft announced that when Office 2016 loses mainstream support on October 13, 2020, access to OneDrive for Business, and Office 365-hosted servers for Skype for Business, will no longer be available to users who are not using a rolling release version of Office acquired through an Office 365 subscription. This is big news for businesses using Office 2016, who will need to update their software if they want to maintain the same level of support and access to software.

Office 365 offers a huge amount of benefits for the standard business, and if you’re looking to be more organised, work better as a team, and generally just be more successful, getting this software could be the way forward for you.

So, here are nine reasons why you need to get Office 365 right now.

1. Ready to go, all day every day
Microsoft is pretty confident in their Office 365 solution. So confident, in fact, that they give a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And if for any reason you need support you are given the option to speak to someone that isn't a robot! Wherever you are, whatever you do, if you're online, offline or on the go on your mobile, you can continue working.

2. Apple/Windows compatibility issues are gone
No matter whether you have the latest Mac Air or a Windows 10 computer, Office 365 has inbuilt file compatibility on all platforms. There's no need to convert files back and forth, so any productivity time loss has been eradicated.

3. Security comes as standard
Microsoft's uptime guarantee comes from its high-level security protocols, offering robust protection to users. Office 365 offers enterprise-grade admin control for your business (so you can customise) as well as government level security on their side to keep you safe.

4. Big data allowances
Office 365 doesn't scrimp on data. Every user gets a massive 1TB of space on the cloud for storing files, and these can be shared at either the file or folder level.

5. Synchronicity
All calendar, email, and contacts are synced and constantly updated across all devices; whether laptop, desktop or mobile, meaning information can be accessed quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

6. No upfront money
Back in the day, updating your Office software meant giving out a large sum of money and experiencing downtime while the update was happening. With Office 365 there is no money paid before installing and no delay, making the process simple, easy and effective.

7. Mailbox storage for days
No more will there be a 'your user mailbox is full' message to greet you when your unread emails are spilling over. All users get a generous 50GB of space for their mailbox.

8. Malware/Spam protection
With Office 365 you get built-in spam and malware protection because data security doesn't cease at file storage! All email will be scanned before arrival in your inbox to protect your organisation from phishing attacks.

9. Collaborate and plan
If you use collaboration tools or utilise virtual meetings you can cancel your third-party services because Office 365 can easily do all of that! It is also a one-stop shop for integrated team planning, allowing you to schedule tasks and meetings, and track allocations to see how projects are progressing.

To learn more about how our Microsoft Office 365 solutions can boost your business, get in touch now.

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