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5 reasons why managed services will help your business get to the next level

New technology provides incredible opportunities to all small and medium sized businesses, but it also comes with a wide range of challenges.

The growth of mobile and cloud-based technology has brought exponential possibilities to SMEs, but also the difficulty of security and management of multiple devices and systems. Businesses looking after all of this internally are likely to suffer increased expenses, hiring and training new workers, buying into infrastructure to support the new technology, and added responsibility for keeping systems updated and secure.

Enter managed IT services.

Managed services providers can help, and it seems the benefits are becoming clear to many organisations. While only 30% of businesses in 2014 used managed services, within a year that figure had doubled. And the demand for these outsourced IT services continues to grow.

In a study by Markets and Markets in 2016, managed IT services providers were also found to cut costs by as much as 40%, while also doubling efficiency.

Turning to a managed services provider has four main advantages for small and medium businesses...

1. It frees up internal staff

Many IT departments are stretched thin right now, with multiple industries cutting back on the amount of IT staff they currently hire. In a poll of over 900 IT leaders conducted by Fuze, it was found that 92% of IT departments are under pressure to reduce expenditure. For many businesses, externally managed IT services are beginning to make more and more sense. By outsourcing back-end functions or relying on external support for rapidly changing technologies, organisations can use in-house staff to work on more specialist projects important to them and their business.

2. It fills IT expertise gaps

Companies are struggling to fill IT positions, particularly ones that need expert knowledge in tough areas like cyber security and mobile app development. Hiring external managed IT support to cover these roles is the perfect solution for this skills gap. Businesses will be able to access to specialised engineers and skilled technical staff that understand these new and emerging technologies without needing to pay excess for training or hiring new staff.

3. It helps with scalability

IT providers spend weeks, months, and even years developing systems and structures to help their customers. This is something that many small and medium sized businesses just can’t replicate internally. As such, organisations will find it more efficient and effective to work with IT support companies so that they can start off small, move fast, and then grow and scale their systems and processes as needed. A good managed IT company will take a modular approach to their managed services, allowing customers to pick and choose what services they need and allowing for expansion as their company evolves.

4. Availability is increased

Not many companies or businesses, especially if they are in the start-up phase, will have a 9am – 5pm workday. When a company’s employees work around the clock, the IT services they use must be functional throughout this time too. With an internal IT structure, this might not be possible to implement. But with a managed services provider, help is available much more often. In fact, most managed services are implemented around the clock, ensuring that a business is never without the support that they need.

5. It has predictable costs

When you invest in an internal IT department, you have to expect peripheral costs. Businesses need acceptable networks, storage, and security. That means training staff, creating systems, and managing all equipment on a day-to-day basis. When a small business looks after all of this, there is bound to be unexpected costs. And they might pop up at the most inopportune time. Outsourced managed services can solve this problem by offering packages with fixed monthly costs. Rather than the large capital expenditures that come with managing in-house, all you’ll pay is one fixed cost every month that covers every eventuality.

Xenace’s managed services are wide ranging and can be tailored to suit your business needs. From email security to cloud backup, we have the services you need and can provide them at a monthly cost to suit your budget. Contact us now to discuss how our services can help you and your small business grow.

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