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4 Reasons the Cloud is a Brilliant Solution for Small Businesses

Cloud Computing may seem like it can bring some daunting changes for a small business. But many others have taken the leap and are reaping the benefits. It is no longer just tech start-ups looking to utilise the latest technology, cloud computing is helping organisations of all sizes.

What is Cloud Computing Used for?

Cloud Computing relates to several types of online virtual services, these include:

  • Cloud Storage: this stores your files as a backup. You can access these regularly and use it to share and sync across your devices.
  • Cloud Backup: similar to cloud storage but instead of regular access this is a source of protecting your data in the event of a crash, cyberattack, or other data loss. 
  • Software as a service (SaaS): uses the web to provide a service, like Office 365
  • Cloud Hosting: facilitates a wide variety of functions and information sharing, including email services, application hosting and data storage

But why should you make the jump to cloud computing solutions? Here are 4 reasons:


1. Lower costs

An obvious benefit to cloud computing is the savings that can be made for small businesses. Cloud computing allows you to fully utilize hardware, businesses are able to do more with less. With less IT requirements and power usage, this can mean lower maintenance and support costs among other financial and time savings. 


2. Better collaboration

When working in a small business, the ability to share documentation and files in a quick and efficient manner can help the functionality of the business. In addition, employers can also limit what employees can access, creating a more secure working environment. 

Collaboration via the cloud also gives a small business owner the ability to manage and track an individual’s progress on assignments. This is a great way to create a more efficient work environment. 


3. Increased flexibility

As a small business, being in more than one place at a time can seem like a super power you wish you had. While cloud computing can’t perform that miracle, the benefits of being able to access files at any time form any location is definitely one of the most alluring benefits we believe. 

When you need that documentation to finish something while on your way to your next client, or to quickly pull up literature while in a meeting can be vital. Instead of having your documents on a single server or computer, remote access works around the flexible work arrangements you may have. 

Not to mention, this increased flexibility can also add to cost savings, for example you may choose to implement BYOD (bring your own device) for your employees. Employees can then work on their own device, which they are comfortable working with. 


4. Greater integration

Cloud-adapted small businesses have the ability to open up to wide range of services beyond those of storage, systems and security. From HR to accounting to marketing, there are other areas of business processes that can link in with cloud-based solutions and save you even more money.


Think that Cloud Computing is something that could benefit your business? Xenace offer a variety of options to help your business. Get in Contact TODAY. 



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