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10 Ways to Protect Your iPhone

Your iPhone is a hot bed of information and data, especially when you are using it for work as well. Here are 10 features you can utilise on your iPhone to ensure your data is protected:


Locking your device:

Touch ID

While just a few years ago it would have seemed like fingerprint access to your phone was something from a sci-fi film, it is very much a reality now. And what is more, it is super easy to set up. 

Instead of typing out a password each time, a simple touch of your finger on the home button allows you to gain access. This protects you from anyone looking over your shoulder, no one can recreate your fingerprint but you.


To set this up: Settings> Touch Id & Passcodes> Add a Fingerprint…

TIP: When setting up your touch ID, it will ask you to move your finger, make sure you get as many different angles as possible to make it easier to recognise you. 


Simple Passcodes

While Touch ID is great, it is always a good idea to have your passcode set up as a back-up. If you have had your iPhone for a while you are likely to still be using the original 4-digit pin option. Did you know though iOS now offers several different options? 


As well as the 4-digit numerical code, you can choose a custom numerical code using as many numbers as you wish. Alternatively, make it even more secure with a custom Alphanumeric code – because what is more secure than a mixture of letters and numbers. 


To set this up/change this: Settings> Touch ID & Passcodes> Turn Passcode on/Change Passcode> Select from the passcode options


Erase Data

For added protection, the “Erase Data” option can keep your phone extra secure. After 10 failed login attempts your phone will wipe all the data on the device (don’t worry it warns you if you are close to it being erased).

Your iCloud backup will save all your data so you can easily get set back up when you need to get back on your device after a passcode breach. 


To set up: Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Erase Data


Block Access to Your Data

Do Not Track + Website Warnings

Viewing websites on your iPhone can be just as dangerous on your mobile device. Your device stores data just like your laptop or desktop, it can also track your information. Apple allows you to ask websites not to track you. Not only this but it can warn you about fraudulent websites as well.


To set this up: Settings> Safari> Privacy and Security


Auto Logins

While you may be using password and authorisation tools like 1password and Dashlane on your desktop and laptops – did you also know you can use it on your iPhone? Most of these services have apps you can download to store and encrypt your passwords. 


You can download the apps from the App Store. 


Strong Apple ID + iCloud Passwords

As previously mentioned, your iCloud will store your backed up data should your passcode be compromised and your data is erased. So it makes sense to ensure that your iCloud and Apple id passwords are secure. 


Whichever password client you chose to use, make sure your Apple ID and iCloud passwords are encrypted as well to ensure maximum security.


Catch a Missing Device

Find my iPhone

Enabling the Find my iPhone tool is a godsend when you have misplaced your phone, whether you left it somewhere or you think the sofa ate it, there are several tricks to this feature that can help you locate your device. You can track your phone, lock it, and display a message for anyone that finds it. You also have the option to erase all data from the phone. 

You also have the option to play a sound if you feel you have lost it somewhere near you. 


To set this up: Settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone

If you need to use the features: You will need to find someone with an iPhone or log on to icloud.com/find and sign into your iCloud account. 


Send Last Location 

This feature will be handy when you have lost your iPhone and you are worried about it running out of battery. By enabling this feature, your iPhone will record the last known location before the battery dies. 


To set this up: Settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone> Send Last Location


Lock Screen Abilities

Find my iPhone can only work when your phone has an internet signal, so don’t give thieves the ability to turn off your connection. If you have Siri or your Control Centre available to use while your phone is locked, anyone can put your phone into airplane mode. You can personalise these options to ensure no one has access to this.  


To set this up: Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Allow Access When Locked


New iPhone?

When you are upgrading to a newer iPhone, while your preferences for security will be switched over to your new phone through your iCloud, make sure you also erase the data on your old phone. You wouldn’t want information getting into the wrong hands. 


Make sure you have synced your old iPhone to iTunes prior to erasing the information, then go to: Settings> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings


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